Helpful Voter Info on Constitutional Amendments, Candidates, and Judges


Many who have requested the convenient Absentee/Vote by Mail Ballots are struggling with decisions.  Inputs from your Highlands County Republican leadership team:

Constitutional Amendments

Vote NO on ALL of the Constitutional Amendments.  

These issues should be left to the legislature to be dealt with and should not be part of a change to the Constitution.

Candidates – Vote for all of our Republican Candidates

President and Vice President  –  Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence

United States Senator – Marco Rubio

Representative in Congress District 17 – Tom Rooney

Public Defender 10th Judicial Circuit – Rex Dimmig

Sheriff – Paul Blackman

Superintendent of Schools – Brenda Longshore

County Commissioner District 1 – Jim Brooks

County commissioner District 5 – R. Greg Harris


Best consensus inputs on the Justices and Judges and how they lean that may be of assistance on the following key decisions.

Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice Charles J. Canady - Leans Conservative

Justice Jorge Labarga – Leans Liberal

Justice Ricky Polston  – Leans Conservative


District Court of Appeal

Judge John L. Badalamenti – Leans Conservative

Judge Marva L. CrenshawLeans Liberal

Judge Patricia J. KellyLeans Conservative

Judge Nelly N Khouzan - Leans Liberal

Judge Matt LucasLeans Conservative

Judge Robert Morris  – Leans Liberal

Judge Stevan Travis NorthcuttLeans Liberal

Judge Samuel SalarioLeans Conservative

Judge Craig C Villanti   - Leans Conservative

Judge Douglas Alan Wallace  – Leans Conservative


For more detailed info, send an email to [email protected]There is no comparison between what Republicans stand for and what Democrats stand for as evidenced by a comparison of their party platforms.  See the Republican Platform at:   Also see our website:

Please don’t forget to complete and mail your Absentee/Vote by Mail Ballots.  Every vote matters!

Disclaimers: The preceding is provided for information only and does not necessarily represent the opinions of all members.  It is your choice to read, forward, or delete.

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