Highlands County Pro-Trump Rally Monday Feb 27th

IMG_0332 Great picture of sign-wavers

The Highlands County Republican Party is planning to join with many other counties across Florida to hold a Pro-Trump Rally on Monday February 27th.  The Highlands County Event will be held at the corner of US 27th South and Sparta Road in Sebring, FL from 4-6 PM. If you support President Trump and Vice President Pence, bring your signs and flags and come join with many others who strongly support President Trump.

Despite unprecedented Democrat obstruction and delay tactics, President Trump has fulfilled many key promises made on the campaign trail, including:

  • Jobs – Multiple meetings with business leaders focused on actions to stimulate new jobs.  Since the election, multiple firms have promised over 250,000 new US jobs!
  • Making America Grow Again – Executive orders to advance the long-delayed Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines and stop TPP.
  • Making America Safe Again! – Ordering the U.S. government to begin construction of a wall along the southern border with Mexico and the appointment of General John F. Kelly as the head of Homeland Security!  Initiating actions to rebuild our military and the appointment of General James Mattis as our Secretary of Defense!
  • Making America Great Again – Nomination of a highly-qualified judge to the Supreme Court from the announced pre-election list! And signing an executive order barring federal funds from organizations that promote abortion around the world, including the International Planned Parenthood Federation!
President Trump needs to know that we approve his results to date and strongly support him.  Join us for the Highlands County Pro-Trump rally on Monday February 27th!