Top Post on the Highlands Couty Republican Facebook page reach 568 yesterday

September 21st, 2016

Trying a new approach to sharing our Facebook posts with those who are not able to access our rapidly growing Highlands County Republican Party Facebook page Our top post yesterday on Trump Tuesday at 10:11 AM reached a total of 568 voters in 24 hours in Highlands County.  A “cut and paste” copy of the post and the results are included in the following.  Please share with family and friends.  Education is key and every vote matters!

Two entirely different messages. Trump wants to do what it takes to Make America Safe Again. Hillary wants to stay the course and continue the failed policies of the O-administration. Vote NO on O-clone Hillary! Vote YES on doing what it takes to Make America Safe Again! “Like” and share. Education is key. Every vote matters!

Trump versus Clinton: Terror and keeping America safe
568 people reached


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