Republicans are winning the voter registration battle

Keep up the good work! As per this morning's news in the Highlands Today, Republicans are clearly winning the voter registration battle by a wide margin! - 

Highlands Today: Voter switch-up -   “As of today, I am showing 137 newly registered Democrats, 204 newly registered Republicans, 142 newly registered with no party affiliation, included in a total of 489 newly registered voters,” Kensinger said.-

453 switched to Republican: 213 were Democrats, 240 were minor parties or no party affiliation.

Of no party affiliation, independents, Reform and Libertarians who switched, 240 are now Republicans, 84 are Democrats.

In Highlands County today, Republicans outnumber Democrats 26,352 to 19,886. Independent and other parties total 12,702, enough to swing any election. See 

The Highlands County REC does not endorse or take sides in a Republican Primary Election. All are encouraged to become educated on the candidates.  Articles of interest will be posted to allow you to become as informed as possible before you cast your vote.

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